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GOAL REACHED, THANK YOU!!!!!!! - Stop! Hamster Time! Posted on 01 Jan 2018, 20:31 in Server and Site News

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A very happy 2018 to all of you! At the start of the new year we again need to replace our furry friends by fresh ones. Thank you to everyone who made a contribution last year. I'm sure we can reach our goal again this year!
120 hamsters will produce enough electricity to keep the servers running for an entire year.

A hamster will only cost you €1.00*

Buy 3 hamsters
Buy 5 hamsters
Buy 10 hamsters
Buy 20 hamsters
Buy 30 hamsters

All money is forwarded directly to Plodders who maintains the servers and the hamster farm.


Big thanks to the following peepz who already made a contribution!

[SKC]Z3ITM4NN - €9,31
Sebastian - €31,37
nakki - €21,03


Thank you mysterious Hungarian person!

Balázs Magyar - €10,69


Sweet lord, this must be a new speed record.

Tr4v - € 48,00
Lucapi - € 23,14
Zorx - € 5,52


Total: €149,06 of €120 reached

You guys are fucking heros. I'll send €150 over to Plodders, which means we're good till March 2019!!


*Paypal adds a 3.4% + 35 cents fee to each transaction. PM me if you'd rather do a bank transfer.

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Help SKC, buy a hamster and save the planet! Posted on 02 Jan 2017, 01:12 in Server and Site News

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Keeping a server online consumes a lot of electricity. Since it's 2017, and global warming is no joke, we're using hamsters to keep everything running smoothly.
The pack of 2016 is nearing retirement, so we need a fresh batch!
We have 40 hamsters running at a time, working in 3 shifts around the clock. That means we need 120 hamsters. They only cost €1,00 each(*).

Buy 1 hamster
Buy 2 hamsters
Buy 5 hamsters
Buy 10 hamsters
Buy 20 hamsters


Paypal charges 35 cents + 3.4% fees per transaction.


EDIT 1: Thank you Bubu and Rhytz!
EDIT 2: Thank you Lucapi!
EDIT 3: Thank you Csena and Gini!
EDIT 4: Massive thank you MCVarial!

I'll make up the 6 remaining hamsters.
We've reached the goal once again!

Running total:

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Happy Birthday! Posted on 29 Oct 2016, 00:19 in [SKC] Clan News

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Barack Obama is elected president of the United States
Apple introduces the iPad
Microsoft releases Windows 7

What do these things have in common? They all happened after SKC was founded.

That's right, as of today, SKC is 10 years old. A FULL DECADE. That's 3650 days, 87.600 hours or 5.256.000 minutes
Over the course of these 10 years, on all 3 servers combined, we've played well over 1 MILLION ROUNDS. 1 MILLION!!!!

This has been one hell of a ride. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of people in particular.

  • First of all Hitman and Kingbong, our "founding fathers". They were the ones who set up our very first server and created the clan.
  • Bagpuss, for hosting the server in his own home and creating our wonderful website.
  • Plodders, for taking over the hosting and providing us with an easily manageable infrastructure.
  • All of our map makers, more specifically Dockinoke, HumanTraffic, Sputs, Csena and Obelix. It's your maps that make our servers so damn unique.
  • Our scripters, Adiboy, MCVarial and Necktrox.
  • My co-clanleaders, at different points in time, TD_Mystic and SyS
  • Everyone who participated in clanwars and defended our honour
  • All of our clan members, new and old.
  • Everyone who's donated their hard earned cash to keep everything running.

And finally a massive, massive thank you to everyone who's played on our servers during all of these years. Race, DD and DM. It's your constant support that's kept us going for so long.


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You can turn SKC into a teenager! Posted on 31 Dec 2015, 17:20 in Server and Site News

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2016 will be the year where SKC turns 10 years old! Huray!
Unfortunately, the start of the new year also means we've run out of funds to keep the servers running. Currently the paypal balance stands at €4,48. This means we can stay online till midway January.

A small donation of just €10 is enough to keep all 3 servers running for thirty days. To make it to our birthday (29th of November), we need about €100 in total. It's a hefty sum, but together we can do it.

Click here to make your contribution.

------------- Days currently funded: 13 of 333 -------------
------------- Days currently funded: 238 of 333 ------------
------------- Days currently funded: 268 of 333 ------------
------------- Days currently funded: 277 of 333 ------------

365 days funded!

EDIT 1: Massive thank you to Necktrox, Obelix and Rhytz. A little under 100 days left to be funded( = €31,67)!
EDIT 2: Thank you Bubu! Just 66 days left to be funded ( = €22)
EDIT 3: Thank you Traveler for your contribution. 56 days left to be funded (= €19)
EDIT 4: Double thanks to trav! We just reached our goal!

There's 105,33 in our paypal account now. I'll make up the rest so we're at €120. This means we're good till the end of the year!


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Happy belated 9th birthday SKC! Posted on 07 Nov 2015, 20:08 in [SKC] Clan News

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Huray! One more year and we're into double digits!


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